Midwest Ski and Ride Volunteer Training - Illinois

12/19/2019 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM CST


Wilmot Mountain
11931 Fox River Rd
Wilmot, WI 53192
United States of America
Room Number: Ski School Room/On snow
Building Number: Ski School Building


Develop the skills you need to learn or improve your skiing and riding abilities in order to better serve our athletes. INDOOR/OUTDOOR




Not everyone wants to be a "lead" volunteer on a lesson, but this series is being presented for those who wish to learn, AS WELL AS those who want to better assist our athletes.  We love your dedication no matter what your wishes are; we need lots of volunteers at all levels. To better grow this program, we need to increase the teaching knowledge for those who wish to learn and give more hands-on experience in a comfortable learning atmosphere.


Fitting clients in the proper equipment takes time and is possibly the most important aspect of the lesson.  If they're not fitted properly, they'll struggle during their lesson and possibly not enjoy this choice of active lifestyle we love so much!! The more people who have a better understanding of why we decide which equipment is best to use for each specific athlete and how to get a proper fitting means we ALL get out on the hill faster!  


Each training date we will analyze equipment, the athletes who will use it, and how to make it all work properly.  After spending some time indoors we'll head outside for some practical applications ~OR~ learning lesson progressions for your skill development and teaching our favorite sport to our athletes, be it skiing or snowboarding!


WHO CAN ATTEND?  Any volunteer who wishes to learn MORE and spend time using the equipment our clients ski with!


WHAT CAN I EXPECT? To develop the skills you need to learn or improve your skiing and riding abilities in order to better serve our athletes.


HOW SHOULD I DRESS? Come prepared to spend some time indoors for physical assessment/equipment discussions with hands-on scenarios and then head outside to either learn more about the skills we utilize teaching lessons (ski or snowboard) or getting in equipment to feel it yourself.  We can't teach if we don't know what it feels like!! Also, be prepared to go outside for on-snow training. After the indoor training, we will be taking the equipment outside and on the snow. 


TIMELINESS -  We make every effort to adhere to our schedule, and we need everyone involved in the program to respect posted times.


Monica Jabaay - monica.jabaay@adaptiveadventures.org - (630) - 903-7970


**Please RSVP at least 48 hours in advance in order for us to provide you a lift ticket.



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