**WEBCAST** Tips from the Adaptive Shop- International

05/22/2020 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM MT




Series of simple equipment maintenance including a social hour where participants can ask questions.


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Join our Sports Lead, Chris Werhane as he takes you into his workshop and discusses simple equipment maintenance. The social hour will be an open platform for participants to ask questions, discuss simple fixes, items to make life better, and generate ideas to solve problems revolving around equipment. 

The series will take a deep dive into proper storage for equipment, maintenance tricks Chris has learned over the years, possibly explore various shops of special guests, and display storage systems. Chris will explore and display fixes for various sports equipment. Chris will elaborate on simple adaptations/modifications that can be done from your own home. 

Special Guests

Kevin Carr (Creating Ability)

Chris Whitte (Enabling Technology)

Joe Bigonic (Ride Designs/Aspen Seating)


For Questions please contact Chris Werhane at: chris@adaptiveadventures.org


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