**WEBCAST** Virtual Community Health Awareness

05/28/2020 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM CST




This is a 4 week 8 part program aimed at providing a welcoming, supportive environment to the adaptive sports community by offering learning experiences to enhance health awareness.


Virtual Community Health Awareness (VCHA)

An Adaptive Community Educational Program

Sponsored by Adaptive Mobility Providers (AMP)

In Collaboration with Adaptive Community Leaders


Adaptive Adventures in partnership with Adaptive Mobility Providers is here to bring you a new online program. The four-part, eight-session format – MIND, BODY, HEART, SOUL --is designed so that the first session of each segment presents concepts and skills around managing struggles while the second session of each segment is about optimizing one’s inner tools to create vibrancy.


This first eight-session program is designed to introduce participants to the concepts and basic practices of creating and maintaining a balanced and vibrant life, guided by a guest speaker with expertise in a given area. The one-hour session format is as follows:

  • Introduction: Moderator, guest speaker and participants (10 minutes)
  • Session Topic: Presentation of topic given by guest speaker (10 minutes)
  • Session Technique: Guest speaker will guide the session of meditation, breathing, movement, writing, or something related with instructions on how to practice the techniques at home. (20 minutes)
  • Sharing, discussion and questions: Here we have allotted extra time to meet the objective of creating a supportive community experience. (20 minutes)


You MUST Register to receive the confirmation email with the  link to participate.

We highly recommend you try to attend all 8 sessions. Sessions build on eachother and regular attendance builds community. 




If you are apprehensive about trying new things or don’t think this sort of practice can benefit you, please give it a try anyway. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn many new doors of awakening await you in many supportive ways! You are not alone!

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