**WEBCAST** Adaptive Youth Pretzel Yoga - International

11/16/2020 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM MT




A 60 minute program for youth participants to play some games, get in some stretches, and have fun twisting into various pretzel shapes! This webcast is aimed for kids aged 7 to 11, but all ages and abilities are welcome!


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Make new friends as we get moving together in this adaptive youth pretzel yoga webcast for kids! The instructors will take our youth participants through 20-30 minutes of fun games that involve light stretches and exercises to stay active and healthy, followed by 30 minutes of light yoga poses to help improve flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Each activity will have a range of modifications and adaptations for all ability levels. This program is primarily for kids aged 7 to 11, but all ages are welcome! Please grab a sibling or friend and come join us!


What to Bring/Wear:
Your favorite "comfy" clothes
A full water bottle
A parent or guardian (nearby)
A well-charged electronic device with ZOOM 


For questions please contact Gwen Burkett at: gwen.burkett@adaptiveadventures.org



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