**WEBCAST** Cycling Twisted Turkey Leg Spin and Social- International

11/26/2020 07:30 AM - 08:30 AM MT




Virtual Twisted Turkey Leg Spin and Social via  

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Cycling for ALL Virtual Riders wishing to push themselves to ride a popular Rouvy bike route, honoring our community. This route can be ridden slow... or you can choose to be a streak of lightning. 13 miles of a random virtual route on Rouvy- "Picture Rock/Wild Turkey MTB"  The goal.... ride whatever craft you wish, whether it is a 2 wheel, 3 wheel, or you're on the treadmill for a couple minutes or an hour, or perhaps curled up on the couch and would appreciate some energy and fun folks,  while we push our our heartrates a little higher, and dive into a great virtual community from across the globe. This event is for all levels of riders/walkers/couchers/crunchers, on any type of bike and trainer, or spin bike. For those that take the top times, you will go into a long storied list around campfires, and post Turkey Day dinner banter for centuries to come. 

You MUST Register to receive the confirmation email with the link to participate!


Please enable your video, if able, to best interact with your community.

There is one ROUVY (smart app) route to participate on this innaugural event that will be sent in confirmation email after registering.

We will ride inside but together in this international community, thanks to Zoom and Rouvy Training App! You will not only be challenging yourself, but also will be encouraging and supporting fellow veteran and civilian riders push a little deeper, and celebrate moving ourselves to fun and new wellness goals. All registrants will be sent Rouvy routes (Picture Rock/Wild Turkey MTB that utilize a speed/cadence sensor or smart trainer. If you do not have either of these tools, we would still love for you to participate, you simply will not be able to track your mileage (time avg of 10mph is 1.3 hours max). 

What to Expect:

You must have your own trainer and bike of any kind to take part at the highest level (can work together to help those in need to find a trainer local to you through Facebook Marketplace, local bike shops, or from friends of the cycling world. No smart trainers required... any rollers or stands work, provided you have a speed and cadence sensor on your bike (ask for details from our staff)! It's so exciting to ride with hundreds of online riders in this virtual peleton ride. Zoom Room will have you interacting with the other riders, listening to music, and enjoying some friendly competition. 13 miles... or max 1.3 hours for the newest of riders/rollers. 

Don't have a bike or a trainer? Join us anyway and get active in your own way while enjoying the camaraderie of other participants!


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