VA Intro to Climbing, Denver - Colorado

04/21/2021 12:00 PM - 03:00 PM MT


Earth Treks
Golden, CO
United States of America


This program is open to ALL Veterans and active military! We will be introducing them to the fun, exciting sport of indoor rock climbing.


*Private Program - Registration through local VA*


This program is open to ALL Veterans and active military! A great way to learn the basics of indoor rock climbing with a group of like minded veterans! We will cover the basics of rope work, climber movement, and gym etiquette so that a first time climber or seasoned veteran, can come and enjoy the thrill of climbing. No experience is needed. The benefits of climbing have been proven to help a wide range of disabilities such as PTSD, amputees, and TBI's. We welcome any and all disabilities and look forward to giving back to our vets.

Benefits of rock climbing include physical and mental aspects such as practice of fine motor skills, coordination of movements, balance, and core control as well as problem solving and mental focus. We will focus on every participant as an individual and encourage each climber to push their unique and personal comfort zones. All veterans are welcome regardless of age, gender, or ability.

Climbers are encouraged to wear comfortable and flexible clothing. Equipment is provided, including harnesses and shoes.

The climbing gym charges all non-veteran participants a reduced fee for a harness, shoes, and day pass.

For Questions, please contact Craig DeMartino at:

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